About me

Maciej Winnicki

Hi! My name is Maciej Winnicki, and I build serverless architectures.

I'm a Software Engineer and Engineering Manager with over ten years of experience in backend development, distributed systems, and cloud.

I've been working with serverless since 2015. First, as a contributor and maintainer of Apex – one of the first tools for managing AWS Lambda functions.

Later, I joined Serverless, Inc., as one of the early employees. As a Principal Software Engineer, I built Event Gateway and occasionally contributed to Serverless Framework. Event Gateway is dataflow for event-driven, serverless architectures. Kelsey Hightower presented it during one of the keynote presentations at CloudNativeCon Europe 2018.

Currently, I'm a Serverless Engineer at Stedi.

Also, I'm a founder of Cloudash - Serverless monitoring. Simplified.

I live in Poznań, Poland. My name is pronounced 'much-yay.'

For any questions and comments, feel free to write me an email at [email protected].